As part of the ongoing Spring Clean around here (well, it was Spring when this all started and I haven’t cleaned since), I have stumped up a not inconsiderable amount of cash–OK, not huge, but it was more than a tenner, which puts it firmly in ‘a carefully considered purchase’ territory–in order to stop this site showing you those awful sponsored adverts.

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Yes, that is very nice of me. You’re welcome.

Also, as part of the ever more desperate cut-price WordPress deal emailed to me, that probably had nothing to do with making the decision to do this now, I have taken up the domain name of, so dropping the wordpress element in it.

I am hoping that now I have invested a sum of real money into the site–about a third of the price of a Medium Black Forest Frostino with Light Dairy Swirl per month–and that I personally own that web address for at least a year, that I will refrain from suddenly just deleting this blog entirely during a sadly quite frequent bout of despondency and self-doubt about eighteen months in, as I have done with pretty much every previous blog that I have started.

But not the photos one at cornishbearsphotos. I pay for both that domain and to stop the adverts too, so that may be just the corroborating evidence I need that this indeed might be a similarly ‘good thing’ for Scribblans.

Perhaps not everyone will be happy about it. I can think of one inhabitant of this household for instance, who might not look forward to more evenings of a keyboard clicking away, and perhaps some quietish sniggering coming from a spookily uplit face on the adjacent sofa as his laptop glows, disturbing her enjoyment of her regular evening The Great British Antiques Bake Garden Chef Off Shop program.

But, according to this recent communication from WordPress, occasionally people do like what I do sometimes.

Currently I’m on 117 posts since late May this year, which was about two years ago now, so there’s a fair average per post even after stripping out the annoying robot and vitamin site ones. Many of those posts are more than fifty words too, so I have worked hard for them (stifles snigger).

So thank you to all you regular real readers and followers and pressers of the Like button. I have little ambition beyond having anyone that is reading enjoying doing so, and it is always a lovely surprise to see–although I’d still write it anyway–that I’m not only talking to myself.

Anyway, that’s the news here. Now bugger off.

Thank you for visiting Scribblans today. Sorry it probably wasn’t very good.
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