Short: On Leadership

Just in case you were wondering how the UK is going to do Christmas, here’s the Prime Minister to tell us all.

If you are at all unclear,
or indeed clear,
lets all have some cheer!
you don’t need us to steer
But have yourselves a Merry little Christmas
meet your folks,
read cracker jokes,
but no drinks with the blokes,
Covid is no hoax
So have yourselves a Merry little Christmas
eat loads of mince pies
or the sprouts you despise
watch the Queen empathise
then see if Granny dies
Have yourselves a Merry little Christmas
the rules are the same
now I’m off shooting game
so when hard figures are claimed
I can’t take any blame
Wishing you all a Merry little Christmas

Thank you for visiting Scribblans today. Sorry it probably wasn’t very good this time.
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6 thoughts on “Short: On Leadership

    1. With you on the sprouts. Mrs Scribblans keeps trying to sneak a couple onto my plate by hiding them in a pile of cabbage, but my sprouty sense (definitely more useful than a spidey sense) quickly detects them.


    1. Trouble is, who’s next
      from the current crop?
      The whole party is rotten
      and the ‘system’ doesn’t stop
      until we get a democracy
      better reflecting our votes
      the ‘first past the post’
      keeps giving us these scrotes


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