Short: On Cheer

I’m stuck on an island
with madmen in control
there’s a raging mutated virus
and they’re distracted
by the bloody flagpole
giddily trying to manouvere
the Union Jack up high
meanwhile leaving
the country’s people
just queueing up
to die

Well, that wasn’t very cheerful at Christmas time, was it children?

But here we are in Britain, listening to promises that it’s all under control, tough negotiations and Brexit are going to make Britain a ‘titanic success’ in future whatever happens with them (yes, Mr Johnson you idiot, you said that, remember what happened to the Titanic?), and now they’re scrambling to have panicked emergency meetings over not having access to Europe for just 48 hours, if not more.

Which is rather highlighting the lies for everyone to see now.

Every country in the EU always had the right to close its borders, while still being a member of the EU, including Britain. We didn’t have to leave the EU to do that. And now they have closed them to us.

And I bet our Government’s first deluded minutes of their meeting today will be ‘How dare they?’

Meanwhile, the Covid virus had another trick up its funny little crowns. It has developed more mutations into a more contagious version of itself and is likely to be the only thing ‘god resting merry gentlemen‘ (and women) for the foreseeable future.

Are these public schoolboys ever going to realise that they are incompetent, they can’t manage anything properly by ideology alone, and the country is better working with both our experts and scientists–and yes, their counterparts in other countries? You know, cooperating? Perhaps not to treat all of our lives like playing some country-sized game of ‘Monopoly’–“You’ve come first in a PPE supply non-competition. You are awarded Ā£500 million”–and ticking the scoresheet columns with Win or Lose?

All this talk of ‘world-beating‘, well, we’ve beaten the world to discovering a new version of Covid. And we’ve understandably been very much left on our own with it.

Anyway, normal silly service resumes soon, I’m sure. Just had a rant to work out of the system.

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11 thoughts on “Short: On Cheer

  1. It is a game to them, and the ones who’ve actually had the virus and survived are the most dangerous players. Over here, our outgoing overlord would call them “Losers” without compunction. Though, frankly, none of us ever *saw* him in that hospital bed, so… who knows? Anyway, it’s very hard for the silliness to take a firm hold right now, and lots to rant about. At least you can still bang it into verse!


    1. Yep, suspicious that one, and that press conference with the overkill amount of white-coated non-speaking nobodies, just for the appearance of ‘it’s really serious, look how many doctors he’s got!’
      Reminder to self – must be sillier… šŸ˜‰

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  2. Nothing wrong with a rant when the situation deserves it. It’s sad to see ‘leadership’ by inaction, then ponderous action, then frenetic headless chicken reaction. Good old Cap’n Smith/Johnson of the good ship Moronic; full speed ahead, throttle and bilge pumps open. Disaster movie time!


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