Time for another Haiku, of the Ronovan Writes prompt variety.

This week’s 337th prompt word pairing is Open and Solace

As ever, if you want to read proper examples of Haiku writing, follow that link. But, while you’re here, it’ll only take a few seconds to read mine, which follows after this paragraph runs out of steam, evaporates all its remaining life-giving moisture and then disintegrates into a fine inky dust, a transient state existing for but a moment before the remaining motes of its being are swiftly blown away by the mournfully freezing north winds, their gusts carrying nothing but the chill and the misery, and moans and groans, of all those who had made it to the bitter end.

Sorry, got carried away.

heart ever open
seeking my solace in hope
that it’s chips for tea


Well, there are serious Haiku writers available elsewhere, I already told you that.

Note for foreigners: In Britain, ‘chips’ are potatoes cut into mainly stick-like form and deep fried. No messing. Well, I say no messing, these days it helps your cheffy credentials if you somehow fry them three times in total and serve them in a stack of six and then charge about Β£20 for the pleasure of the three seconds it takes to scoff them. In the working man’s home, all that is frowned upon, and nothing but a plate full of proper, large, randomly cut and arranged piles of wholesome, crispy chips, cut up from whole potatoes, not manufactured matchstick-shaped extruded potato starches–and properly cooked the first time in heart-frightening amounts of fat–is good enough.

Thank you for visiting Scribblans today. Sorry it probably wasn’t very good.
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