A Developing Story: Out of Nothing

Somewhere. Out there.

No, not there.

Over there.


“Oh hello. Umm… Who are you?”

“I don’t know.”

“Oh, that’s a coincidence. Nor do I.”

“Tell the truth, I don’t think I even existed until I said hello to you.”

“Oh, that’s a coincidence. I didn’t exist until you said hello to me either.”

“But I have just had the thought that we are a couple of characters.”


“Yes. Characters. And protagonists.”

“I don’t like the sound of protagonist. Isn’t being a protagonists painful?”

“No, I think that’s agony. Apparently, the protagonists are the main characters driving a story.”

“Can we drive?”

“Not currently, no. But I’m sure if it becomes necessary in the story, we will probably be able to.”

“OK. So, where are we?”

“Well, at the moment we don’t appear to be anywhere, nor do we appear to have any form or explainable physical being.”

“So it’s almost like we exist as some sort of potentiality, waiting to be moulded into a form, to be given names and purpose, personality and motivations, not to mention some physical characteristics, in a world yet to be defined?”


“That’ll be interesting .”

“Maybe. Possibly it might be quite uneventful and boring. But at least we exist now.”

“Do we?”

“Ah. That’s actually quite an interesting question. Certainly the lack of a definable physical presence in ourselves or our environment may tend to suggest that we do not. However, the fact that we are talking to each other suggests some form of intelligent consciousness is at play here.”


“OK, granted, we don’t actually know that yet.”

“Odd though, us suddenly appearing, isn’t it?”

“I think it is, yes.”

“Do you think we were made perhaps?”

“This is also an interesting question.”

“Or did we just pop out of nothing, where there was nothing before? Like… oh.”


“Well, I was just going to attempt a simile, but I just realised that there isn’t anything for anything else to be like.”

“Yes. There seem to be many paradoxes here. I am yet to be convinced that we actually are anything ourselves but there is something… well, extrinsic about the whole thing so far.”

“Oh yes. Definitely extrinsic. Or adscititious.”


“I don’t know. It just came to me thesauristically.”

“OK. Well, I don’t know the answers yet. But I might have a go making something fit in to explain everything we have so far encountered, within the confines of our limited knowledge and experience.”

“OK, I’m ready.”

“Well. We didn’t exist, and now we do, right?”

“Yes. As far as we know.”

“So, something made us.”

“So we didn’t just pop into existence out of nothing?”

“Although that is all the actual evidence we have, it doesn’t fit my hypothesis so far, so no. Besides, how would that even happen? Why?”

“OK, well maybe it sounds plausible, given that we have no other information to go on. Please expand. And by that I mean your point, not turn into some massive gaseous cloud.”

“So, my hypothesis is that there is a formless being, just like ourselves but more… um… more us than us, and it has made us, for reasons only it knows.”

“What does it want?”

“I don’t know. But I am sure there is a purpose. I mean, what would be the point otherwise?”

“But there’s no evidence for your hypothesis.”

“Ah, yes. But you can’t show me any evidence that it’s wrong, can you?”

“Strong argument. Well, I suppose it’s good that we have some sort of belief system in place when we’ve only been here for 500 words.”

“I suspect we may find out the motivation as our story develops.”

We’re the story?”

“All the evidence suggests, that with everything we know so far, we are the story. And if I know stories, which I didn’t until just now, there will be some form of sudden plot development or open-ended question at the end, suggesting that there could be some more to come yet.”

“Hey! I am suddenly attaining a physical form. And I can see you are too. What is going on?”

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9 thoughts on “A Developing Story: Out of Nothing

  1. I’m in the midst of a book called *Metazoa* on the origins of consciousness that I kind of feel like chucking now because it hasn’t made me laugh once. Reaching a belief system by 500 words; your protagonists are prodigies!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahh… always tricky, yer average ‘origin of consciousness’ book. No time for any funny stuff at all in all those serious philosophical and twisty science bits. Detracts from the serious and twisty nature of er… nature.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Scribblans. I suspect that I learned more about plot and character development in the above (the above story, rather than the ‘above’) than in school. So, thank you for that.

    -ps. I shall read this again and this time I must try not to imagine that ‘gaseous cloud’ reads as Gaseous Clay! Or…maybe not


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