Short: On a Century

This morning when I logged in, I noticed that I had another new follower. I’ve had a lot of new followers recently and now it seemed my follower had joined with 102 others in being beguiled by my blog.

But this new follower had a lot in common with many of the previous followers, in that the follow had appeared without an actual visit to the blog.

So not beguiled by the blog.

I went through the list of followers and checked the sites their avatar led me to, deleting those which were obviously just cut and paste, unoriginal or generic marketing bollocks blogs. I also deleted a few god-botherer ones too, just to see if I’d be struck down by a thunderbolt for daring to.

Nothing so far.

Anyway, this blog now has 63 followers. I know deleting followers is ultimately a waste of time–they’ll be back soon–and the number is meaningless really, but at least it has exercised my typing fingers this morning.

Thank you for visiting Scribblans today. Sorry it probably wasn’t very good this time.
Did you know, if you share this post on your social media, it might have the effect of making you feel better? About everything?
Yes it could. Well, try it if you don’t believe me then.

26 thoughts on “Short: On a Century

    1. Yeah, it is ultimately a waste of time but brings a wry smile and sense of power.
      I still think WordPress encourage the behaviour by having the ability to like and follow from the reader enabled, which lets the ‘script-kiddies’ activate their automatic bots. But it suits WP I suppose, if bloggers feel encouraged by seeing the numbers go upwards, however spuriously.

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      1. I just got one of those idiots–these are usually real bloggers, just silly ones–who hit like on 8 or 10 posts in a minute. Having read every word of them, of course. Just how silly do they think we are?

        Wait, wait, I know the answer to that: Extremely.

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  1. Not necessarily useless. Some never come back, and getting rid of those who seem to turn into trolls is very useful. I’ve had my fair share of those, and once I block them and unsubscribe them, they knew I was not going to engage, so moved on. I’ve also got rid of a few with eye-popping Gravatars.
    There is always method is what seems like madness.


    1. Hah, yes,me too James! And as for the sort that does that AND doesn’t seem to have even liked the post while visiting either, well, that’s just the worst. Don’t get those though, so that’s all good.

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  2. The usual weary story. They come, they Follow without a blind bit of reading and sit there. No Likes, no Comments, not to be considered Real. Why they bother g/Gawd only knows?


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