Sometimes I Rhymes: Rhythm of Lockdown Days

The lockdown schedule is
packed with business
full of many things to do
it starts at 7am as usual
my normal time
for a poo

Breakfast of cereal
perusal of news
along with a strong black coffee
a stretch and a yawn
an inspection of lawn
through the window
(it looks very mossy)

Fill up the birdseed feeders
while the kettle is on once again
try to remember
if it’s bin day
try to recall
what’s today?

Return to the study with coffee
to open my diary on screen
elevenses at eleven
and lunch at one
and probably a snack
in between

Look at Twitter, get despondent
feel a mood coming on
feel livid about things
people unknown say
then scroll and find
more morons

The big dog walk
is pencilled in later
although seeing the nasty forecast
I might have to delegate
this big job
unless all the heavy rain
has gone past

After lunch a snooze
for an hour (or two)
replenish some vital strength
for tea and cake at 4pm
having dreamed about supper
at length

Evening is nice and comfortable
feeling full, replete and sleepy
tomorrows schedule is
just as busy
so I get started
about it

Thank you for visiting Scribblans today. Sorry it probably wasn’t very good this time.
Did you know, if you share this post on your social media, it might have the effect of making you feel better? About everything?
Yes it could. Well, try it if you don’t believe me then.

12 thoughts on “Sometimes I Rhymes: Rhythm of Lockdown Days

  1. Ah Twitter despondency. Nothing like it to make one feel one’s put in their fair share of daily toil. It always feels like something I should be getting paid to put up with…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I have to remind myself just to read the tweet and not the replies (unless one of mine of course!) It’s in those that most of the bottom-feeding and mood-darkening multiplies.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ha ha, that actually all sounds very nice (apart from the twitter)! I am editing, just breaking off for a bowl of muesli and another cup of coffee! Maybe I will also relight the fire. And eat something else. And then get back to it.

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    1. I suppose I am ‘editing’ too, although specifically it’s more ‘changing the order of the letters on the rack during a game of computer scrabble to see if I can make better words’.

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      1. Also a great pastime- we bought a 1970s board from ebay with the wooden racks and played at Christmas! This morning we went out essentials shopping, then for a walk, I’ve just knocked off editing and tonight we’re going to watch The Dig and look at photographs from our big trip. Oh and we have vegan cheesecake from M&S! Lockdown life! All the best!


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