Scribble: A Busy Saturday

For a keen sport
such as myself
this Saturday
was a hectic day
Firstly, with breakfast
test cricket
on the telly
India v England
live until eleven am-ish
having begun
at four am
the planet-spinning
in apparent time
Premier League football
(proper football
not that
American type)
with the first match
kicking off
at twelve thirty
and four other matches
throughout the afternoon
and evening
Six Nations rugby
kicked off with
two big games
one after
the other
in the same
It would be difficult
to follow it all
without the aid
of modern technology
laptop, tablet
phone and
good old TV

I’m sorry

Just realised

I missed out
the word ‘watcher’
after ‘sport’

you would think
as there is much
in the country
and the world
to distract us from
death, disease
dodgy dealings
somebody would realise
and they’d spread all this
and mindless
for the masses
more thinly
stretching it out
over a greater
just to
keep us
a while
like I’ve
just done
with this post

Thank you for visiting Scribblans today. Sorry it probably wasn’t very good this time.
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Yes it could. Well, try it if you don’t believe me then.

11 thoughts on “Scribble: A Busy Saturday

  1. Such a thing would take true, evil genius… I never have been able to answer the question about American football; it’s pretty much all “sportsball” to me. All I know is over here it’s Superspreader Bowl Sunday and all the bars are open.

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      1. Didn’t the Toronto Blue Jays or sumusch win one time? Maybe the USA! USA! USA! organisers let the hick cousins up north in to make up the numbers? Not to WIN of course, but as a kind of cannon fodder for the Yankees et al.

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        1. I recognise those words individually. I know Toronto is in Canada and a Blue Jay is a bird. That is as much knowledge as I can bring to bear on your comment I’m afraid, so I’ll just say ‘yes’ and ‘perhaps’ and you can put them in any order you like.

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          1. Yes… and Liverpool lost heavily at home to Man City this evening too, so I’m in a general overall grump about everything until at least tomorrow morning when the England cricket team continue to beat India into submission.

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  2. Yes, the Premier League hits me where it hurts too. It ain’t easy supporting a team in red when they concede in the 95th minute to your neighbours in blue. Or supporting Palace too as I strangely wilfully and bafflingly do. That’s a recipe for bitter disappointment most years. The one consolation is they don’t get relegated, and how can you take that as progress? Sigh.

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