Some recent posts have been written with a cynical attitude. Namely, to simply generate page views for no other purpose than making the statistics page change from how it looked the day before. Also, I like a bit of a wind up–that’s wind as in wind a ball of wool, not wind as in letting off some digestive system wind.

One day, I’ll write a post that starts off with that sentence and find the statistics don’t change from how it looked the day before. But that hasn’t happened so far, so I’ll carry on doing it for now.

Today I have attempted a tanka verse, but I have turned my spell and grammar checkers off. It’s not for any reason, other than deliberately being very annoying.

If your a pendant
of the grammar kind you’re self
its not good tanka
you’d should of got out of hear
or risk explode violent

Thank you for visiting Scribblans today. Sorry it probably wasn’t very good.
This bit of text here used to be me wittering on and effectively begging you to share the post, but I have decided not to bother with all that for 2021. Most people ignore it anyway.