Valentines Day Card Verses for Sale

With Valentines Day fast approaching, I thought it would be a good opportunity to get rid offer for sale a few of my romantic card verses.

There are just a few left that didn’t sell last year, so be quick and you could have one of these quality items in time for your immediate use, or to keep forever for yourself and enjoy again and again. You could even make out it was lovingly created by you, if your loved one is likely to believe you suddenly turned into a gifted romantic poet overnight.

Obviously, the absolute best ones have gone already but there are still some really good verses left.

£5.00 each, P&P free

Roses are red
Viagra is blue
My love will last
Until tomorrow at two

You are fragrant
like a rose
and you have
a very large nose
but that doesn’t matter
to blokes who are lanky
we see past your massive conk
and pack a big hanky

I happen to think
that you are real neat
although I’d like you more
with less smelly feet
if you could see your way clear
to give them a clean
then I could get over
the rest of you being green

You are as beautiful
as the springtime butterflies
all spotty patterns and
complicated compound eyes
you have set my heart a’flutter
you move so lightly on the breeze
and you often suck the sweetness
from all the tubs in my deepfreeze

I spied you in your garden
exercising with a skipping rope
and you looked so lovely
I bought a stronger telescope

If you’d be my Valentine
we could hug and I’d like that
it would last a loving lifetime
or until you get too fat

For Valentines Day
I have brought you some lovely flowers
they were on special offer
down the garage by Mandela Towers

Shall I liken you
to a summer’s day
or should I try winter
as it’s mostly grey
we could try spring
it’s so full of vigour
just like part of me
which can get impressively bigger

Sorry, refunds will not be given for any lack of the desired response from your intended.

Thank you for visiting Scribblans today. Sorry it probably wasn’t very good this time.
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