More Valentines Day Card Verse for Sale

Rummaging around in my drawers, I have found a few more verses for Valentines Day cards that I am willing to sell.

These really are the very last ones I have available, on top of the few published yesterday–unless there are any left in the cupboard out in the garage, but it’s too bloody cold to go out there today–so be quick, otherwise you run the risk of being unrequited.

£5.00 each, P&P Free

Love is a many splendoured thing
and your song makes my heart sing
would be even better in my songbook
if you could wash, iron and cook

my love can see past
your face so craggy
and the bits once firm
that are now so saggy
age does not affect
what I see in you
as much as gravity
seems to do

I hold a flame for you
my candle is ardent
but you seem to be covered
in fire-retardant

You press all my buttons
all the gauges show full
the knobs on my control panel
could do with a pull

into your arms
I’d like to tumble
please don’t let
my slim hopes crumble
perhaps we could have
a quick furtive fumble?
but first let me treat you
with this anti-fungal

My love
is like a dove
I coo in your presence
so lucky
my love
is not like a cow

Obviously, if you choose not to buy one of these last few, then I am afraid you are very probably on your own, like me. But that’s probably not a bad thing as you won’t feel obliged to buy cards, chocolate or flowers for anyone else and you can sit at home reading rubbish like this instead.

Thank you for visiting Scribblans today. Sorry it probably wasn’t very good this time.
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