Time for another Haiku, of the Ronovan Writes prompt variety–as opposed to the ‘just fancied posting a haiku today‘ variety, which I do many other times–and are just as bad–but aren’t prompted by Ronovan or anything else sensible.

This week’s 345th prompt word pairing is Bird and Blow

As ever, if you want to read proper examples of Haiku writing, follow that link. But, while you’re here, it’ll only take a few seconds to read mine, which follows.

No animals have been harmed in the writing of this post.

blow a squirrel’s brain
sneakily lace bird feeders
with chilli peanuts

There you go, educational as well, you can mix chilli flakes or powder in your birds peanut and seed feeders to put the rascally rodents off. The birds can’t taste the chilli, the squirrels can–and they don’t like it much.

And one more.

bitter winter blows
foreign migrations head south
birds borderless world

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