I have carried out careful analysis of WordPress blogs to make this list and I am pleased to present the results here now. It has been scientifically produced by highly scientificated data manipulation methods, IBM’s ‘Deep Problems’ super-computer and two packets of Custard Creams.

In no particular order–because I’m not using numbers for my list so it would be difficult to tell which was number 1 and which was number 5, or indeed 2, 4 or 3–here is a list of the Best Things to List to Make a Blog Post with a List

  • Best list blog titles to use with examples of not using the word ‘list’, to draw in readers who do sort of like lists but wouldn’t visit if you actually let on it was really just a glorified list
  • Best things to list list: a list of the most popular lists that often top the lists of list posts
  • Best pretty ways to format a list: from lists with bullet points to lists with numbers and um… all the other ways of listing your list of things
  • List of best list blogs to read great blog lists and get your own list ideas (NB: A good tip here, make a list of the best list ideas to refer to in future.)
  • A list of pretty much anything, but you must use the word ‘best’ in the title e.g. “5 Best Things to List to Make a Blog Post with a List” or “The 7 Absolute Best Carrots”

People sometimes call these articles ‘Listicles’, which is a portmanteau word made of list and articles, just like articles about tests are called ‘testicles’.

Thank you, I hope you found this article helpful.

Next week, 5 ways to title a blog post starting with the words Why or How, because readers of blogs very rarely know anything themselves. So of course, they will be looking for answers to their questions about life from any random blog articles that use those words in an intriguing way like, for example, ‘Why Did I Just Read That?’, or ‘How is This Idiot Not Locked Up?’

I don’t know.
But with the application of Deep Problems, I’ll probably make up some sort of sense of it.

Thank you for visiting Scribblans today. Sorry it probably wasn’t very good.
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