Sunday Evening Blogging Tips and Other Things

In general, I’ve never had much response to blog posts made on a Sunday evening.

That is tip one. Sunday evening (GMT) posts are nearly always a waste of time.

My second blogging tip is slightly more positive, although there will probably not be any readers to get the full benefit of it as my own tip number one is very much being ignored by me posting it on a Sunday evening.

I recently wrote that older posts of mine rarely received any readers, once a week or so had passed since it was published. But in fact this has been reversed recently due to me making a slight change, and according to the statistics page, older posts are suddenly now getting an occasional view too.

I used to have a menu at the top of the page for my post Categories, including one that was titled ‘Random Post’. This perhaps unsurprisingly (and thanks to a tip by pendantry on this post here) took viewers to a random older post. This was in a vague hope that it might appeal to anyone exploring and interested enough to get an idea of what else was here, which probably wouldn’t help me very much if they did, but it was there to press.

I have now moved all the Categories to a sidebar widget but have kept the ‘Random post’ one at the top. But, and here’s the clever bit that might be a tip for you to think about trying, it is now working better due to appealing to the most base instincts of any humanity that happens to pass by.

I renamed it to ‘Press for Free Sample

Instant success. People are not bothered by ‘Random’ but are highly attracted to ‘Free Sample’, even if they are not quite clever enough to remember that the whole of the site is free in the first place.

This honestly may cause me to reasses the thinking behind this post,where I said I would probably delete posts older than three months from now on. But, like many other things here, I might have forgotten that I said I was going to do that anyway.

In ‘Other Things’ now.

I had a Twitter account linked to this blog and had a widget for it showing here. That has suddenly gone now as I deleted the Twitter account. It’s a moon phase thing or something. Sometimes I’m keen on using Twitter, other times I get hacked off with it and can’t see the point and just delete the account.

If you were one of the whole thirteen followers it had amassed, sort of sorry about that, but I hardly actually posted anything myself on there anyway. For me, and because I am not a socially nice person, I was not really using it for *shudders* actually interacting with anyone much.

I do still enjoy some of the posters who are more or less Twitter exclusive accounts, the likes of Moose Allain, Coldwar Steve, Haggard Hawks etc, and due to not having any other social channels to follow them on, I do still keep an account linked to my photo blog.

But I think it is important that I remember that, for good mental health reasons, for me Twitter is for reading and not posting on, and certainly not replying to anyone unless I know them, perhaps as a follower here for example. As my dear old Nan advised–just to keep me quiet I suspect–‘only speak when you are spoken to’.

Besides, at 260 characters or whatever it is now, it’s way too short. I can’t do the sort of zingy one liners that are seemingly the currency of popularity on sites of that sort. It takes me way more characters to leave readers feeling as confused and disorientated as I like to do

Anyway, enjoy your Sunday night. Although you were probably not reading blogs and enjoying it already.

Thank you for visiting Scribblans today. Sorry it probably wasn’t very good this time.
Did you know, if you share this post on your social media, it might have the effect of making you feel better? About everything?
Yes it could. Well, try it if you don’t believe me then.

19 thoughts on “Sunday Evening Blogging Tips and Other Things

  1. Well, I am reading (and enjoying) your post at 1 in the afternoon, here. Since you say it’s a tip and goes along with a suggestion I received from Pendantry as well, I am likely going to steal your idea, in some form, at least, so thank you.

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  2. I have a neglected Twitter account. I do recall an evening of fervent twittering in which I picked up more ‘followers’ in one night than I do on the blog in a month. Lots of algorithms obviously but a few genuine people. But it was all too frenetic for my tastes. I do think the secret to Twitter is quantity over quality. I may move my the haiku side of my ‘business’ there one day.

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    1. I fancy we could do ‘haiku battle’ threads on a theme… Tell me if you ever want to start that, I will probably have rejoined Twitter due to positive biorhythms or Mercury rising or something by then.

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  3. Whatever works writing wise. I just put out whatever’s written 1/ when finished, 2/ when its finished with me and it’s no longer a work in progress but has ground to a halt. Inspiration goes, throw it out and hope. Less clutter.

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  4. Thanks for the idea about the Random Post. I quickly tried it out and labelled it “Surprise” – but will think up something better later… funniest part is that I will probably click on my new link regularly just to see what pops up!

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  5. Free sample? Can’t you get arrested for false advertising or something? Maybe you should start sending a bill for the others just to make sure it’s understood that the free one really is free.

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