Sometimes I Don’t Rhymes: Ronovan Writes – Ache and Ease

Time for another Haiku, of the Ronovan Writes prompt variety.

This week’s 347th prompt word pairing is Ache and Ease

As ever, if you want to read proper examples of Haiku writing, or have a go yourself, follow that link. But, while you’re here, it’ll only take a few seconds to read mine, which follows.

Ache and Ease are particularly relevant to me today as I was out in the front garden for hours yesterday, mainly trying to tame an overgrown holly bush that had spread to around four metres high and around double that in circumference, when I’m pretty sure it was about two metres high and four metres in circumference only last week.

OK, maybe that was when we moved here four years ago.

Anyway, this morning the holly bush looks like it got attacked by a gang of blind ninjas (don’t ask me for topiary services) and I am aching so much there will very much be a restful amount of ease until it subsides. Whereupon–or after a few days I suspect–I shall start on the next unruly shrubs that have been previously enjoying four years of uninterrupted freedom that seem like a week ago, and the cycle of ache and ease can start again, if the blind ninjas are up for it.

Anyway, you’re not here for a journal of my life, here’s a haiku.

a hard day of work
much cake disappears with ease
and now the scales ache

Thank you for visiting Scribblans today. Sorry it probably wasn’t very good this time.
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Yes it could. Well, try it if you don’t believe me then.

12 thoughts on “Sometimes I Don’t Rhymes: Ronovan Writes – Ache and Ease

  1. I love it. But you should do what Ken does–the last time I asked him to prune some shrubbery, he took his circular saw to it and took it down to two feet. It grew back…eventually!


  2. We have a holly along a path through the woods on our property. It used to be a path, now it’s just a place to worship at the base of the holly mountain god. Pretty, but a bit much.

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