Short: And Sharp

It was a very
simple job
to go and have
my vaccine jab
I went to get my
first dose
from a health centre
very close
the nhs do it proper
without Serco
making a copper
a proper friendly nurse
not a wage-slave terse
and soon I’m protected
unlike an anti-vax
conspiracy fool

Footnote: Serco is a private company run by a load of Tory old boys who have previously ‘won’ contracts to provide mass testing centres and various other Covid related concerns, which they promptly cocked up and made dehumanising and soulless but are happy enough to take the publicly-funded profits anyway thank you. But they didn’t get the vaccine delivery gig, so of course this all works very well.

Thank you for visiting Scribblans today. Sorry it probably wasn’t very good this time.
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6 thoughts on “Short: And Sharp

  1. Glad you were able to get what you want in a timely manner!
    I’m not an anti-vaxxer, but will NOT be getting the vaccine any time in the near future. Though my age group will give me a priority eventually, I don’t have any comorbidities. In my province, that means I am at very low risk of moderate to severe illness or death. There are many people younger than me who are at much higher risk – on top of being deathly afraid of the virus. I’ll be happy to give up my spot in the line up so that they can get the jab.

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    1. There are two parts to the vaccination benefits, they are equal.
      Number one, I’m less likely to get it, and if I do, indications are that it is less severe.
      Number two, I am much less likely to unknowingly have it (asymptomatic) and give it to somebody else.
      I think the whole point, pardon the pun, is that we don’t know what ALL the ‘comorbidities’ actually are, although we do have an idea that some groups are definitely more vulnerable. It is not known why some of the people not in those groups are also dying from Covid, or suffering the effects of ‘long Covid’.
      Unfortunately, you are not necessarily being selfless or helping to squash this thing in deciding that someone else is more deserving of vaccination than you are.


      1. There are ‘have’ countries and ‘have not’ countries in regards to availability of vaccines. My country is, to date, a ‘have not’ country. If, or until, we get the product, we will have to continue to rely on social bubbles, distancing and masking. We will also need to have people who are willing to step aside and let others who are much more vulnerable get their shot first.
        You might remember that WHO stressed that “The first priority must be to vaccinate some people in all the countries, rather than all the people in some countries.” Funny how so many countries thought that was a good idea until they got the vaccine. Now they sound like you – squash this in my family, my neighbourhood, my country before we think about sharing with others.

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        1. OK. Yes, agree that global vaccine availability is not evenly spread, but I wasn’t addressing that as it is really a completely different point to what you appeared to be making in your first comment, unless of course I just didn’t understand it correctly, which is distinctly possible.

          Even here, more deserving cases than me are waiting because it is being done by age, although I got mine ‘early’ for my age because I have MS so am, officially anyway, in the ‘vulnerable’ category.

          The majority of teachers, doctors, emergency service workers etc are still waiting as they’re in younger age groups. But I can only control my ‘yes’ or ‘no’ for mine, not ‘no, give mine to someone who needs it more than me’, or even ‘let another country have it’. So my comment was and still is, I think if you get offered one, have it.

          Nothing in my light-hearted post or comment reply could be interpreted as “Now they sound like you – squash this in my family, my neighbourhood, my country before we think about sharing with others.” because I wasn’t addressing or making any related point to that at all.
          If you have that issue to grind, go post about it on your blog.


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