Sometimes I Don’t Rhymes: Weekend Vibe

When I was playing with themes and trying out the sorts of widgets I might add to my site, I tried the ‘tag cloud’ one, where the size of the word in the cloud increases the more it’s used. I was amazed to see ‘Haiku’ as one of the biggest words, and therefore one of the most used tags.

Although humour is really big too, tags are added by the author, so you won’t neccesarily find anything humorous there. Also, I think ‘cynical‘ and ‘duck‘ were two separate tags and you won’t find one post tagged as being about a ‘cynical duck‘. Or indeed, anything wickedly satirical about ‘imperial isolation jab legends‘.

Although there might be one soon after seeing that combination come up.

I decided to increase the size of some of the other words in the cloud by using their tags more before I used this widget on the site. I never really set out to have Haiku as the biggest type of post to read here–to which you can quite rightly say ‘Well, stop posting so many of the bastard things then.

So to that end, here is a tanka, which actually may increase the size of my ‘tactful tanka testicles‘.

as saturdays go
in real life, remember?
today's going well
relaxed, easy weekend vibe
the same as most lockdown days

Thank you for visiting Scribblans today. Sorry it probably wasn’t very good this time.
Did you know, if you share this post on your social media, it might have the effect of making you feel better? About everything?
Yes it could. Well, try it if you don’t believe me then.

18 thoughts on “Sometimes I Don’t Rhymes: Weekend Vibe

  1. Good job; that combination definitely calls for magnification. Also, I love “topical tumbleweed” — which strikes me as alarmingly self-aware for a wordcloud. I’d be a little afraid.

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  2. There are always three ‘suggestions’ under the search at the head of my reader page and I keep promising myself that I will just start to use them as the basis of a blog every now and then. Today’s say ‘Sous vide (what?), Travel backpacks, flowers’ – it won’t be this week…

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    1. Aha, yes. In a previous blogging life, I did a series using those as the prompts. The aim was to get all three into a limerick if I remember right. ‘Sous vide’ seems to come up often as their suggestions for some reason.

      This is one of the occasions where just deleting older stuff is a slight regret…

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      1. Never delete – not even the rubbish. I have gigabytes of stuff that ‘doesn’t quite work’ on my computer and, going back, boxes full of manuscript that nobody wanted to pay for. When I die (I tell myself) my daughters will go through it all and make a fortune!
        As far as ‘sous vide’ is concerned, I am unlikely to use it unless it’s any good with chocolate or wine.


        1. I found it. There were a few but it felt like the words on the suggestions didn’t change that often

          Words: Flowers, Zombie, Politics
          (You see? Flowers was still there then…)

          You never overpowers
          A zombie with some flowers,
          You bore with politics instead
          then use an axe to chop off its head

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  3. I have done the Reader prompt story before. I haven’t done the tag cloud, I don’t really think to use them. But I never delete any of the old junk. Humour/humor would probably be giant if you spelled it right all the time.

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