Short: On Protest

A new policing bill is going through Parliament in the UK. It contains, among other sweeping measures, increased powers for policing what is currently legitimate protest. Headlines infer that some offenders could serve punishments of up to ten years in prison for defacing a statue.

I don’t know what you get if you leave the face on.

This lot in power seem to love statues. I think it’s because it suits them to try to hang on their comforting and glorious versions of British history, as if their more convenient truths have been cast in a sort of solid confirmation in the physical bronze and are now on a plinth proclaiming ‘See? You should believe this story. Be proud.’

So any threat to the statues memorialising their heroes–which preferably don’t display the subject’s revisited and revised history–is an assault on the foundations supporting their own increasingly unbalanced world view.


Still, would be entertaining seeing the police, armed with sticks, fight off a really determined protester in a tank.

If you wave a banner
in an enthusiastic manner
sing, clap or shout
there'll soon be fallout
if we don't like the way
your protest does stray
we'll pull all the stoppers
and push in the coppers
we'll stifle your dissent
on our new policy content
to protect the free speech
we continue to preach
leave the statues intact
we like our history facts
we're sure you'll agree
now, get down on your knees

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9 thoughts on “Short: On Protest

  1. Well put. Odd that in the UK taking a knee is more in keeping what the rozzers want than in the US, years 2016-20?
    Hoary old statues must be heroically protected
    Ten years defacing gaol must be expected,
    Tories hate to see their Right view protested
    Now statues are surrounded by the fluro vested.

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  2. You need to write a “tank-a”. But didn’t you know, if we take all the statues down, every reference to the people they commemorated will instantly evaporate from history books and Wikipedia? Statues are the only things protecting history…the sarcasm is strong this morning!

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    1. It’s all come from someone painting ‘Churchill was a racist’ on his statue at the BLM protests. He was, but there’s a lot of people trying hard not to tell that version of the story.

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