WordPress is broken. Frustrations follow.

  • It’s infested with bots.
    Automated programs, their latest M.O. recognisable for when a ‘new follower’ notification pops up, that user never having never been seen liking a post previously–and probably called something like ‘GetRichQuickWithMe’–then, probably half a day later, the same one ‘likes’ one of your older posts. I remove them, but I suspect many who are in this blogging game for pure numbers and advertising revenue leave them… Perhaps it’s WordPress themselves seeking to boost it, so you feel more engaged, massaging your ego to feel you are writing for a seemingly bigger audience?
Like that

Anyway, I have apparently got 70 followers, about 30 of them have commented here and although not visiting every post (I wouldn’t either) I know are real people. The rest? Clickbait advert revenue generation, follow-to-hopefully-get-a-follow-back merchants, generic stuff. That’s why I never have follower numbers displayed here anywhere–it’s meaningless if the figure is not all real followers and consequently mainly just vanity.

  • I am no longer getting a preview of my posts on the first go. It hangs on a blank preview screen, no waiting animation or anything, just stops and does nothing. Close it, press Preview again, same, press Preview again, maybe finally appears.

    It’s constant, this bugginess. Something somewhere won’t work, most often something new each time that was OK last week before they trumpeted the introduction of a different new unneeded feature elsewhere.
  • The block editor. I’ve not really had too much of a problem with using the block editor previously, but it’s been as buggy as hell recently. Cursor just stopping halfway through a sentence, having to click out of the block you are in and click back in to get a cursor to where you were, media store glitching, sometimes not coming up when you want to get a picture, STILL not being able to tab or indent a line without inserting a classic block… etc, etc,

    Yeah, it can do some clever stuff I didn’t need, but still can’t do simple stuff I want to do. Take this list for example. Can I get it to insert a space between each bullet pointed paragraph without making each one a new paragraph block? Umm…. well, it looks like you can and it shows as the way I want it in the editor, but it hasn’t carried this over to the post. So I have to convert each one back to individual Paragraph blocks, then format each paragraph I want to have a bullet point by adding it myself manually. Just so I can have a line space that looked like it was there anyway in the editor but actually wasn’t.

    Can I simply copy or export a whole post that I’ve created in the block editor by copying all and paste it into another editor, like Word, for tweaking or archiving? Well no, not that easily. Firstly, none of the ‘standard’ methods of selecting all the text works. Ctrl A only selects the paragraph–sorry, block–the cursor is currently in. Secondly, because if you do manage it–I did once, but I can’t seem to remember how, it was probably some sort of a freak accident–you get all the HTML code that describes what the block is doing to your text in it, that you have to edit out to make it readable–or you turn off formatting before pasting and just transfer the plain text–which also makes it so you have to edit out all the HTML emphasis code etc, to make it readable.

    Can I export my entire blog content? Yes of course, your content is yours–but only to a format that WordPress can make sense of so you can have it readable by another WordPress blog editor, not to a DOC file or other easily understood format. So it’s effectively locked in. And I have a feeling that this is a street that we have been deliberately diverted onto.

    Currently the only way to bypass this all seems to be to copy and paste your posts, as published in their entirety, from each actual live post, but I would be very happy to be told about anything I’ve missed.
  • Recently, I was experimenting with a possible new additional blog and found that WordPress now insert, on free accounts, not just adverts (expected) if you have chosen a free-for-now account on your blog, but a whole ‘Sponsored Post’. An Advertorial. Or, in plain English, ‘a fucking massive advert‘. If you press ‘Remove this’ in the options it shows, it takes you to the account page and invites you to choose one of the paid account options. If you don’t choose to take one, the sponsored post remains on your blog. A whole fucking post. Which gets past ad-blockers I suspect.

    More Info:
  • ‘Special’ Offers. I know you can turn this off for emails but… in your editor/reader/stats page, all the time, turn one off, get another next time, constant bombardment the likes of which had me not watching any commercial TV and installing ad blocker software in my web browsers years ago. Go away, I paid for the level I wanted already, it doesn’t matter if you give me 20% off or 40% off or even 90% off, I don’t need to upgrade. Now, fuck off.

Anyway, I’m tired of it all. My previous frustrations and the confusion involved with expected behaviours and costs with theme set up, the bots, the never 100% working properly, the petty complications and endless advertising of new features attainable by upgrading, and the overall feeling of the prevailing direction of movement being away from supporting a happy and previously loyal incumbent community, with all their boundless creativity for writing, and towards all of us being revenue sources to be constantly nagged and monetised as much as they can.

Something has changed at the top of WordPress over the last two or three years or so, the emphasis has shifted and it doesn’t feel good. Using it is more frustrating, and they are unbearably keen to make me pay more to upgrade more while I’m getting more annoyed by how it is now.

Once, it was out of the way and let me get on with it. Now it’s bloated and always popping up and pestering with new things I don’t want, having petty little gotchas in it’s setup and introducing new ‘features’ that no one was aware any of us needed to simply just write some (in my case, usually silly) words on a blog.

Anyway, I have seven months to go on my paid account–which I did pay for on the basis of having to think twice before I made any rash decisions to delete the blog again–but I’m out now, and all the automatic renewals I can find are turned off. No Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or blog. To about thirty people out of 7.5 billion, I will apparently cease to exist. So there.

But this time I won’t delete it, they can have it kept on their servers until December, just so I’m doing a tiny and insignificant bit of pestering myself.


4 thoughts on “Broken

  1. WordPress is a pain in the ass. I write everything in Word and then copy and paste it in when it’s final, because I can’t stand the WordPress editor. You used to be able to revert back to the Classic Editor and you still supposedly can, but it’s not the same. Yuck.


  2. Your absence will definitely be felt by me but I definitely relate. WP is waging a war of attrition with its creative community, and it’s so clear nobody’s listening at the top. I regularly reflect on what I’m actually achieving with my blogs, and the answer is “not much!” but I like the idea of keeping the things up there, if only to take up server space, and then there’s my one cousin who likes to read my stuff. 😉


  3. I also pre-write my posts in Word then paste. Being self-hosted and only using the WP software I don’t have the same problems but I know you are not the only one experiencing major issues. Yeah, if I had the whole “inserted blogvert post” thing going on I would go elsewhere. That’s worse than the issues I had on some others. There is other blogging software out there, but I’ve liked the sense of community here at WP. If people start leaving and all that’s left are bots and vitamin sellers I may rethink the whole thing too.


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