Skit: A Stormy Interview

The Guardian 17/02/21 The young man enters the room from the door opposite and looks upward furtively and then back towards me. "I'm glad there's a ceiling," he says, his face visibly relaxing as he settles into the armchair opposite mine, "I'm not good with sky." I can understand and empathise. I am meeting with … Continue reading Skit: A Stormy Interview

Remarkable Age A Bog. "Hiya Ethel." "Oh, hello Sid." "Hey Ethel, do you mind if I ask you a personal question?" "Of course not Sid, we're friends aren't we?""Of course. So, how old are you?" "Old?" "Yeah, old." "I'm not telling you that" "No?""No.""Sure?" "No." "But we're friends." "No.""I was only curious.""No." "Give me a clue?""No." … Continue reading Remarkable Age

Scribble: Speech not Spinach

Dear Popeye,I hope this email finds you well. It has come to our attention that you are personally responsible for the promotion of excessive consumption of much of our fellow species members. As we have recently become enabled to communicate our feelings to you via this new method, we are writing to ask you to … Continue reading Scribble: Speech not Spinach

Skit: Vaccine Press Conference

Welcome to the news conference. Firstly, we are very happy to announce that a Covid vaccine has now been approved for use in the UK. This has been a welcome piece of good news for everyone, I'm sure. My Grandma is particularly happy because I promised her she'd be first in line to get it, … Continue reading Skit: Vaccine Press Conference