Converting A Large Unit: March

I was struggling to think of a title for the intended monthly posts where I update you on the progress of my efforts to shed some weight. Then, with my current and responsible vein of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle which, as regulars will know well, has in a way always been a mantra here--mostly in … Continue reading Converting A Large Unit: March

Silly SOD Limericks: Tibetan Batman

My Silly SOD Limericks are an attempt to do something vaguely amusing with the three words that are mysteriously generated 'Suggestions' to search for--those appearing under the search box when you log in to the WordPress Reader. Like so: SOD is 'Suggestion Of the Day'. Tenuous, but silly enough to be considered entirely normal for … Continue reading Silly SOD Limericks: Tibetan Batman

Why Change Your Blog Theme?

New Readers The above title has been chosen because asking a question in the title can apparently make the post more popular. According to many blog posts advising on the best ways to title blog posts to hook in readers--I was hooked in by one titled 'What are the Best Ways to Title your Blog … Continue reading Why Change Your Blog Theme?

Scribble: Sshlebrating Shntt Piransh Day

As a resident of Cornwall, and being half Cornish--probably the left half, although there is also a chance of it being the bottom half--and today, March 5th, being St Piran's Day, I felt I should write something about how I am celebrating our Cornish patron saint. Although I have lived in the place for some … Continue reading Scribble: Sshlebrating Shntt Piransh Day

Converting Large Units

There are relatively few absolute certainties in life. This both keeps bookmakers very happy and is a lesson to us all. That lesson is "Don't walk in to a pub and tell your mates you've got a tip on a race horse and it's a dead cert." But here is something that is actually a … Continue reading Converting Large Units

Sunday Evening Blogging Tips and Other Things

In general, I've never had much response to blog posts made on a Sunday evening. That is tip one. Sunday evening (GMT) posts are nearly always a waste of time. My second blogging tip is slightly more positive, although there will probably not be any readers to get the full benefit of it as my … Continue reading Sunday Evening Blogging Tips and Other Things

5 Best Things to List to Make a Blog Post with a List

I have carried out careful analysis of WordPress blogs to make this list and I am pleased to present the results here now. It has been scientifically produced by highly scientificated data manipulation methods, IBM's 'Deep Problems' super-computer and two packets of Custard Creams. In no particular order--because I'm not using numbers for my list … Continue reading 5 Best Things to List to Make a Blog Post with a List

Scribble: Rant – No Variations on the Theme

Visitors to this blog yesterday would have seen the site using a new look. It's something I had been playing with for a week or so, on and off, and I had finally decided that this was my preferred style. In the end, I went for this Premium theme 'Opti', which cost £71.00. Plus points … Continue reading Scribble: Rant – No Variations on the Theme