Short: On Protest

A new policing bill is going through Parliament in the UK. It contains, among other sweeping measures, increased powers for policing what is currently legitimate protest. Headlines infer that some offenders could serve punishments of up to ten years in prison for defacing a statue. I don't know what you get if you leave the … Continue reading Short: On Protest

Short: For Prime Minister

So, you know the Prime Minister's real full name right?Alexander Boris dePfeffel JohnsonYep, I know, who calls their kid dePfeffel, right?Not Normal PeopleThat's who.Anyway.Alexander.Remember that.So, what is his favourite word to use when he's giving bad news?Yep, Alas.'Alas, the virus is spreading''Alas, there have been many deaths''Alas, it's all somebody else's fault'That sort of thingI … Continue reading Short: For Prime Minister

Short: On Cheer

help!I'm stuck on an islandwith madmen in controlthere's a raging mutated virusand they're distractedby the bloody flagpolegiddily trying to manouverethe Union Jack up highmeanwhile leavingthe country's peoplejust queueing upto die Link to story: Well, that wasn't very cheerful at Christmas time, was it children? But here we are in Britain, listening to promises that … Continue reading Short: On Cheer