Topical Five Line No-Rhyme Time: Festive

Once again, it's time for me to have some attempts at a disciplined form of sticking some words into a recognised pattern. As the title suggests, it's a five line form, they don't need to rhyme and I try to make them topical. So it's a good title. I start by trying to stick to … Continue reading Topical Five Line No-Rhyme Time: Festive

Topical Five Line No-Rhyme Time

The title for these five line verses has yet to be decided on. Cinquain might be technically right, but reader suggestions for my particular standard have been made, with both Scribblus Sonnatums (posh) and Crapquains (painfully honest) being suggested so far. No one wanted any of mine. Anyway, in this momentous week of a Covid … Continue reading Topical Five Line No-Rhyme Time

Skit: Vaccine Press Conference

Welcome to the news conference. Firstly, we are very happy to announce that a Covid vaccine has now been approved for use in the UK. This has been a welcome piece of good news for everyone, I'm sure. My Grandma is particularly happy because I promised her she'd be first in line to get it, … Continue reading Skit: Vaccine Press Conference