The Blogging Forecast in Haiku

I have occasionally posted a haiku, with a mashing up of the terms used for weather and writing, because it struck me that the summary you see given at the end of a weather bulletin on the telly often had this little rhythm to it that felt like it should make a verse.

Many of the verses disappeared in my ‘anything older than three months goes’ deletion purge, but I decided to bring these back because, when I titled a new one recently (with my highly creative numbering method), I realised that some readers might go looking for the previous numbered ones. Unlikely. But possible.

So here they are on a page all together and I’ll add the new ones as I come up with them, if I do.


very wordy day
given to long-windedness
verbosity high


storm warnings in place
heavy fictional conflict
emotive deluges


heavy synonyms
dense and hefty leaden skies
with weighty full stops


could be cold enough
to freeze your similes off
some icy phrases


tired grey similes
in totally soaked adverbs
dripping with sarcasm


sticky and sultry
hot electric atmosphere
prose wild and stormy


clouds of mystery
heavy showers of rubbish
some moderate mirth


clear, bright and sunny
optimistic in outlook
unsettled later


it will be mostly
and excruciatingly
hammering it down


cloudy metaphors
scattered adjective showers
gags debatable


some warm prose outbreaks
low allegory levels
becoming dismal

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